The end of Russia’s global hybrid war starts in Ukraine

The end of Russia's global hybrid war starts in Ukraine

September 6, 2018

Many have come to perceive Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine as a gangrene threatening democracies worldwide. It began with Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014 and continues today military aggression in the Eastern front of Donbass. The trend which frequents Russian foreign policy lends itself to patterns of deliberate campaigns aimed at weakening others’ democracies — infecting them with internal conflict, propaganda and separatism.

As we contemplate ways of curing Russia’s separatist infection, particularly in the Eastern front of the Donbass region, the first requirement is the immediate introduction of a robust, U.N.-mandated International Provisional Administration that will supervise and support every step of reconstruction and reintegration of the Russian-controlled territories on Donbass back into Ukraine.

Read the full article by John DeBlasio in The Daily Herald or The Daily Caller

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