The Atlantic Council Launches Task Force on the Future of Iraq

February 2016 – The Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East has established a Task Force on the Future of Iraq chaired by former Ambassador Ryan Crocker. The Task Force will identify ways to support the Iraqis in stabilizing their state, reconciling their warring communities, and building the basis for long-term stability in the country.

The Task Force comprises twenty-five top Iraq experts from around the world. They will convene in Washington, DC for the launch, and will conduct fact-finding missions in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Baghdad, and Najaf. The Task Force will consult European policymakers in Berlin. Finally, they will report their findings in November in order to recommend to the incoming US administration a long-term approach to the stabilization of Iraq. The Task Force on the Future of Iraq will tackle the following key issues:

  • The Future of the Popular Mobilization Units
  • The Status of the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq
  • Re-integrating Internally Displaced Peoples
  • Rehabilitating Iraq’s Sunni Community
  • Building Effective Governance
  • Reforming the Iraqi Economy
  • Re-Establishing Boundaries between Iraq and Regional Powers

GPD funding contributed to the creation of this task force.

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