Syria Direct Graduates Ninth Class of Journalists


Syria Direct graduates its 9th class of journalists

Graduates complete three-month course on the basics of journalism

January 2018

Syria Direct graduated its ninth class of aspiring Syrian journalists Sunday after they completed a three-month course on the basics of journalism at the organization’s office in Amman, Jordan.

The latest class of 12 trainees—six men and six women—took several weeks of classes on producing ethical, transparent reporting before putting what they learned into practice,working alongside Syria Direct’s American and Syrian staff.

By creating a program focused on reporting and training journalists, we are able to inform decision-makers and build the basis for what will hopefully become a free press in the future.

- John DeBlasio, Executive Director of the GPD Charitable Trust

The dozen journalists, now in Amman, are from across Syria, including Damascus, Daraa, Latakia and Homs. They come from different religious, cultural and economic backgrounds, which hopefully was reflected in Syria Direct’s coverage.

The current training program is made possible by a grant from the US Department of State. Syria Direct has been training journalists since 2014. Most of the full-time staff were once trainees. In fact, nearly 60 percent of Syria Direct graduates now work in journalism and media.

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