Grantee List

Grants Committed Since 2012

Community Strengthening

The Cara Program

Chicago, Illinois
$50,000 over five years for general operating support
The Cara Program provides a comprehensive solution to the interrelated challenges of poverty, unemployment barriers and chronic homelessness through a range of industry-specific job training, support, and placement services

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Chicago, Illinois
$590,000 over five years for general support and for a Senior Fellow on National Security and the Middle East
CCGA provides a forum in Chicago for world leaders, policymakers and issue area experts experts to educate the public and influence public discourse on timely global topics.

Gads Hill Center

Chicago, Illinois
$45,750 over three years for general operating support
Gads Hill Center serves families in the communities of west and southwest Chicago through early childhood education, academic support and enrichment, social-emotional development and family support programs.

Upwardly Global

Chicago, Illinois
$40,000 over one year for a partnership with the Iraqi Mutual Aid Society and RefugeeOne to provide job and wrap-around services to refugee families from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan
Upwardly Global provides job search assistance and training to educated and skilled immigrants, refugees, and asylees to help them successfully enter the professional workforce in the U.S. while partnering with employers to integrate this population.

Democracy-Building / Civil Society

Development Transformations, LLC

Washington, D.C.
$80,000 over three years for governance and media projects in Yemen and Ukraine
Development Transformations helps countries in transition foster cross-sector partnerships that strengthen civil society, encourage citizen participation in the political process and enhance government efficiency and effectiveness.

Insitute for the Study of War

Washington, DC
$15,000 for one year for general operating support 
To strengthen ISW's Syria and Ukraine/ Russia research portfolios and provide high-quality open source intelligence to U.S. decision-makers. This partnership will enhance and inform other GPD partners' work in Syria and Ukraine.

Spirit of America

Los Angeles, California
$130,000 over four years for general operating support and democracy-building in Ukraine
Spirit of America supports the safety and success of the US military and diplomats serving abroad by providing targeted humanitarian and economic assistance to vulnerable populations in more than thirty countries.

Syria Direct

Amman, Jordan
$605,000 over five years to launch and establish Syria Direct
Syria Direct is a non-profit journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of issues in Syria by training a small group of Syrian and American citizen journalists in professional information-gathering and unbiased, in-depth reporting.

The Womanity Foundation

Geneva, Switzerland
$25,000 over three years for general operating support
The Womanity Foundation initiates and supports innovative programs for women and girls in developing countries that focus on education, employment, safety and participation in civil society and the media.

Strengthening International Relations and Security

Business Executives for National Security

Washington, D.C.
$85,000 over four years to launch BENS Chicago
BENS supports the U.S. government by applying best business practices and industry expertise toward creative solutions to its most challenging national security problems.

Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism

Chicago, Illinois
$75,000 over three years for general operating support
An international security institute housed at the University of Chicago, CPOST is a national leader in independent, policy-relevant research on militant group behavior, US counter-terrorism strategies and emerging threats.

Northwestern University

Evanston, Illinois
$500,000 over five years to launch and establish the Middle East and North African Studies Program
MENA offers students and the broader community opportunities to study and discuss critical approaches to social, cultural, political, and economic forces in the Middle East, and provides an understanding of their histories and global interconnections.

University of Denver – Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Denver, Colorado
$2,035,000 over ten years to launch and establish the Center for Middle East Studies
CMES generates scholarly research and fosters public understanding of the Middle East and the broader Islamic world’s societies, political systems, and international relations through dialogue and debate on the contemporary politics of the region. This grant includes funding for CMES partnerships with WorldDenver and the Interfaith Youth Core.

United States Military Academy at West Point

West Point, New York
$5,000,000 over twelve years to launch and establish the Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations
The CSCMO embeds civil-military and interagency cooperation into traditional military education though cross-disciplinary programming that emphasizes collaboration between the military and the government, NGOs and civilian populations.

Support for Veterans

Illinois Joining Forces Foundation

Chicago, Illinois
$140,000 over three years to launch and establish Illinois Joining Forces
Illinois Joining Forces is a statewide public-private network of veteran and military-serving organizations that collaborate to help service members, veterans and their families navigate available resources and support services.

MVP Vets

Carlsbad, California
$30,000 over three years for job training programs
MVPVets helps thousands of military veterans develop new careers in the life sciences fields through virtual training, mentorship opportunities and job matching services.


Youth Development

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) USA

Chicago, Illinois
$733,000 over four years for youth leadership development programs for NPH International
NPH transforms orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children’s lives in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing safe, healthy and loving homes, healthcare, leadership and educational opportunities.

Pittsburgh YMCA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
$672,130 over four years for youth leadership programs and camp facilities at Deer Valley YMCA

Spearhead Rugby Academy

Stillwater, Minnesota
$45,000 over four years for student scholarships
Spearhead Rugby Academy offers training, coaching and academic support to elite high school rugby players and cross-over athletes seeking a career in professional rugby.


Seeking Funding Partners

GPD Charitable Trust has provided seed grants for a number of innovative projects with great potential for impact. We are seeking funding partners to ensure the growth and sustainability of these projects. Please contact us if you would like to help support this work.

Tufts University

Medford, Massachusetts
$125,000 for two years to launch and establish Dialogue BiH2.0
Dialogue BiH2.0 is a citizen-run interactive internet portal designed to improve government accountability and effectiveness in Bosnia-Herzegovina by aggregating publicly available data, enhancing communication and spurring civic engagement.

Partners Global

Washington, D.C.
$94,000 over four years to develop the S-GAP toolkit and establish a pilot project in Honduras
The S-GAP framework is an approach to security sector reform that engages civil society, governments, local and international security forces, the private sector and international organizations in crafting a common language and shared definitions that support constructive collaboration.