We invest in



& individuals

committed to building a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create collaborative initiatives that promote peace and stability through civic engagement and the development of transformational leaders.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a culture of collaboration among private, public, and social actors will lead to a more peaceful, prosperous, and stable world.

Guiding Principles

From a young man seeking to fulfill his potential, to a military officer serving abroad, and then a global business leader and entrepreneur – John formed a worldview and perspective that are closely reflected in our Guiding Principles.

The world can be more peaceful, prosperous, and stable. We are unwavering in our optimism that a more peaceful and prosperous world is achievable. We believe that humility, understanding, and cooperation are critical to achieving long-term positive global impact.

Visionary leaders can catalyze transformative global impact. We believe that well-timed interventions and mentorship are critical to developing leaders of character who can fully self-actualize to become the transformative leaders needed to change the world.

Collaboration is key. We believe that organizations and individuals are more effective and impactful when they work collaboratively despite how difficult it may be.

Civic engagement is paramount. We believe that the backbone to creating inclusive communities that ensure social, political, and economic prosperity for all is strong civic engagement.