We invest in



& individuals

committed to building a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create collaborative initiatives that promote peace and stability through civic engagement and the development of transformational leaders.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a culture of collaboration among private, public, and social actors will lead to a more peaceful, prosperous, and stable world.

Our Approach

GPD delivers value to its partners and beneficiaries by making strategic investments in collaborative initiatives that support our mission. Our portfolio of grantees focus on:

Civic Engagement Through Journalism

that drives strong civic engagement by extending access to open and free journalism

Leadership Development and Training

that develops transformational leaders through well-timed interventions and mentorship.

National Security Thought Leadership

that delivers effective partnerships that promote peace and elevate the global security dialogue.

A note from the founder

I created the GPD Charitable Trust in December 2010 to make a difference. Our motto is “Change the Arc of History…..Just a Little,” recognizing both the hope and the reality of charitable endeavors. My intent is to honor those who helped create the wealth from which the Trust was derived by investing in programs and organizations that improve the world.


John DeBlasio
Founder, GPD Charitable Trust