The Global Peace and Development (GPD) Charitable Trust seeks to help build a peaceful and stable world by investing in youth, strengthening civil society, and inspiring others through creative partnerships.


We believe that a healthy democracy provides the greatest chance for peace, stability, and prosperity. Our investments in the future create and support programs designed to strengthen communities and academic institutions, train and engage young leaders, and develop effective mechanisms for civic action that address real-world problems.


We aim to build and support a portfolio of complementary initiatives that will be sustainable and impactful beyond the life of the Trust. Our approach is to provide multi-year funding to like-minded institutions and individuals and work closely with them to create a foundation for long-term success.

In addition to financial support we engage with our partners to craft long-range programmatic goals, develop strategies for building a strong, diverse and sustainable base of supporters, and foster lasting partnerships across organizations to increase impact.

Our approach to philanthropic giving is modeled on financial portfolio allocation theory as we are continually improving our ability to derive the best mix of risk and return for the Trust. Each project is reviewed annually and the portfolio is rebalanced regularly to ensure we are investing our funds in the best possible way with an eye toward the future.

Many of the initiatives we support are unique, sometimes experimental projects that have great potential to be scaled or replicated. The goal of much of our funding is to create models for innovative approaches to complex issues that can be applied and adapted to different contexts.
We hope to eventually provide legacy endowments for a small number of projects that demonstrate the greatest potential for sustainability and long-term impact.