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Highlight 1: Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations at West Point

Overview and mission

The first of its type housed at a military academy and targeting junior officers, the Center embeds civil-military and interagency cooperation into traditional military education. Cross-disciplinary programming that emphasizes the collaboration between the military and other areas of the government, NGOs and civilian populations is a key component of the Center’s instructional philosophy.

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Grant Making Trends

Global Peace Development Grants are designed to encourage thought leadership that is broad and long-range in scope. With this funding we hope to influence the graduates who will lead our nation, the scholars who lead in their fields of study, and the broader communities these institutions touch.

Letter from the Founder

I created the GPD Charitable Trust in December 2010 to make a difference. Our motto is “Change the Arc of History…..Just a Little,” recognizing both the hope and the reality of charitable endeavors. My intent is to honor those who helped create the wealth from which the Trust was derived by investing in programs and organizations that improve the world.

Baghdad 2005

The Sallyport Team that made it all possible

I was raised in an average middle-class household in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania yet found myself intrigued by military service and international work. This led me to the United States Military Academy at West Point, then to the Army and the business career that inspired the GPD Charitable Trust.

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